Late one autumn night,
I heard some cries outside,
and was therefore beckoned
from the thought-woods I reside.

Onto my deck, I stepped,
to investigate the sound;
two raccoons attacked a third,
and the third was losing ground.

The victim scampered up a tree,
with an attacker right behind,
one attacker stayed on the ground,
none paid me any mind.

Down an ever-thinning branch,
the victim crawled to live,
pinned by two attackers
on a branch about to give.

Then, they noticed me all at once,
but only two could become more afraid
so both attackers ran off in fear
while in the tree, the victim stayed.

For minutes, we each were still and stared
into each other’s bewildered eyes
And I questioned if the raccoon
could also hear my cries.

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