Who asks more questions than I?
Not many,
if any,
and that’s why,

I should be the one to look,
into the contents
of this book.

This book that comes from some
unknown place to me
with words that crack
from front to back
and show me how to be.

The answers I have
are not absolutes;
They are merely stones to step with.

I have questions
and stepping boots,
and the water that surrounds me

is a myth.

Who I Am


I love little more
than being who I am,
but I’ve been ashamed,
by failing your exam.

I chose multiple choices,
and answered false and true,
but none of me was in it
when I gave it back to you.

I guess I thought it proper
to astutely play my role,
and I stood there, dumb,
as the red pen marked the whole.

If I’d been thinking clearly,
and if I’d been brave enough,
I would have drawn across the page
all kinds of brilliant stuff.



Late one autumn night,
I heard some cries outside,
and was therefore beckoned
from the thought-woods I reside.

Onto my deck, I stepped,
to investigate the sound;
two raccoons attacked a third,
and the third was losing ground.

The victim scampered up a tree,
with an attacker right behind,
one attacker stayed on the ground,
none paid me any mind.

Down an ever-thinning branch,
the victim crawled to live,
pinned by two attackers
on a branch about to give.

Then, they noticed me all at once,
but only two could become more afraid
so both attackers ran off in fear
while in the tree, the victim stayed.

For minutes, we each were still and stared
into each other’s bewildered eyes
And I questioned if the raccoon
could also hear my cries.



Some time after midnight,
my belly craved a snack.
I visualized a cantaloupe
while laying on my back.

It hadn’t been a good day;
I simply loafed about.
The cantaloupe had crossed my mind,
but I had opted out.

It was too much work, I thought;
too much slicing, too much mess…
So I ate the easy things
and continued to depress.

But in that moment, late at night,
when the day was done,
I decided I would slice,
and in the process, have some fun!

I thought about my future,
while I cut and ate with glee.
A brilliant plan flashed in my mind,
as decision set me free.

Painted Fire


I can bear the boredom,
I can pay the price,
I can perform the labor,
and I can roll the dice.

I can commit the time,
I can endure the hurt,
I can sacrifice,
and I can stay alert.

I can do a lot
to get the life I crave,
as long as I am not
required to be brave.

I can resign my life,
I can accept demise,
I can think destruction,
and I can close my eyes.

I can do a lot
to throw it all away,
but I have always dreamed
of a life that lives like play.

I am a feeble sketch,
with a penchant for desire,
sailing in the wind
towards a painted fire.