Little Words

Today, I just have little words
Nothing else could rise or soar
But I still enjoy the music
So I guess I’m not done for

I’ve failed to write, and to ignite
For weeks, or maybe more
And I have tried, so very hard
To thrive within this bore

Oh, there is a moment here
Where thoughts can fly and play
But they’ll soon lose their altitude
And much to my dismay

My little words are all I have
And what little they convey!
But at least I get to touch them
Before they fall away

Copyright © 2019 – Adam Light

Frozen Times

Not in a hurry
Nor on the run
Snow’s on the ground
Don’t miss the sun

Driving home
It’s dark and cold
The music’s fresh
The routine is old

I’m in a moment
Here and now
That frozen times
Can’t disavow.

Copyright © 2018 – Adam Light

Desk of Life

Sometimes I am a spinning top
Unstable and severe
And sometimes I’m a paper weight
Static and austere

I’m always on the desk of life
Peering off the edge
Or reading scribbled papers
While I spin around the ledge

But I proclaim there is no fate
Or if there is, I couldn’t know it
I can slink and sprawl
Or spin and fall
Or maybe just forego it.

Copyright © 2018 – Adam Light